A Special Thank You 

Thank you to the following members who have made gifts:

to support our Lion of Jerusalem:
David and Margery Inkeles
Hank and Carole Rubenstein
Bernice and Richard Schwartz
the Warburton-Pitt family
Meryl and Sandy Engel
Sandy Seplow
Robin and Seth Ersner-Hershfield
Marsha Labovitz and Elizabeth Stabler
Mark and Annette Hoffman

to our congregation:
Thank you to Mack and Michele Roth for their High Holy Day gift.
Thank you to Claire G Gering, whose gift is in honor of Rita and Howie Gooen.

A thank you to the following students who helped switch out the Siddurim and change the Torah Mantels and Bimah Covers after the High Holy Days:

Caitlyn, Emma, Eric, Jamie, Oliver, Peter, Philip and Stephanie.




So many people contributed time and effort to make the holidays truly wonderful.

Thank you to:

Emma and Olivia Agius, Sue Warburton-Pitt and Ellen Masnaghetti for silver polishing.

Break-fast shoppers: Karen Brand, Ellen M. Sue W.-P.

Break-fast prep: Lisa Elias and Mimi Nathan

Kitchen help: Linda Gooblar, Arlene Castalucci, Karen B. ,

Anna Buchbauer, Allie Brand, Leslie Miller, Charlie Brand

Special thank you to Charlie Buchbauer for all your help with set-up, clean-up and supporting me in everything I do.

And to all who moved chairs, tables and platters: THANK YOU!

Michele Buchbauer

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